Thursday, October 08, 2009

if the shoe fits...

The Shoes at Alexander McQueen Were Only Ten Inches High

Thank you NY MAG for the article and the pic

Yesterday Alexander McQueen presented his beautiful spring 2010 collection in Paris (watch the video here). The quirky highlights were almost too numerous to list. The show opened with a video of a topless Raquel Zimmermann writhing in the sand with snakes. Some models wore prosthetics around their eyes to make them look like aliens (they took three hours to apply). But as far as details go, the shoes stole the show. At ten inches, these beautiful hooflike monsters have been the highest footwear to strut down a Paris runway this season. The shoes on the left and right look like fancy couture disco lobster claws, while the middle one looks like it's about to come alive and eat that model's leg. How would you describe them?

OM[f]G!!! {part2} - call me [crazy] {as many do} lol .. but I seriously am OBSESSED with these McQueen SHOES!!! ahhhhh!! the are just wild-beyond-my-imagination!!! =] {lol} love love LOVE[S} IT/them!!! =} xo xo :el fano: