Thursday, October 08, 2009

McQueen [and the {models} of Atlantis

As McQueen ventures towards new technology frontiers with the live stream of the show, he also went deept underwater to create the creatures of Atlantis

Thank you dazed digital for the article and the images by Judith Elias-Johnson

It would have been very easy amidst all the hype over Alexander McQueen streaming his S/S 10 show live (though other designers have also been doing the same albeit in a more subtle fashion) with SHOWstudio to let a video camera overshadow the clothes. Then were also perhaps people logging on for all the wrong reasons (news of Lady Gaga's new single premiere as the finale temporarily crashed the streaming site).

In the end it was a marriage between the pre-announced technology and Alexander McQueen's apocalyptical vision of the future when we will all be submerged. We understood his theme Plato's Atlantis from the video visuals projected on a massive LED screen, which depicted a snake goddess of Raquel Zimmerman, slinking in and out between different species of snakes and later on playing the submerged water nymph. Then two giant tank-like video cameras roamed the catwalk stage giving us different video angles to see the clothes on the screen screen and alongside these two roving camera beasts, the women that will roam the earth as evolved sea creatures also slowly glided about (glide being the operative word as the shoes were killer with their 10 inch curved heels and hoof-like front).

Lee McQueen was singularly tunnel visioned with what he wanted out of the clothes. He's not about the bend to beige and pastels when he can execute an intensely detailed digital print that is so perfect in symmetry you wonder who is the OCD perfectionist trying to match the prints, line for line, ruffle for ruffle. These sea reptile prints were then worked into hourglass short short dresses that emphasised the curves of the shoes and were all worked in a multitude of sea colours that didn't just stop at blue and green. A discernable strand of ready to wear came with a portion of dolphin grey and black rubber-like suiting and flappy skirts with more conventional nods to scuba wear. Organic cell organisms were also briefly explored with organza freeform grey structures that cocooned the body. The final irridescent metal beaded dress and leggings left the right shimmering impression that completed a collection that will be permanent both on the internet and in that old-fashioned thing called memory.

OM[f]G!! those SHOES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [omg] {OMG} [omg] did you see those SHOES!?!?!?!?! =] AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! ok.. ok ok ok ok .. are you ready, I honestly think we need to nominate McQueen to do the costumes for the 2010 [really 2012] version of DUNE!!! I swear.. it[s] in his blood! it[]s meant to be! DUNE=McQUEEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i was not one of the lucky ones [who got to witness it] .. but [all the talk afterwards] well.. i knew I had to see it in ONE [form] or another,.. but honestly it is [other-worldly] its Atlantis, its Sci-Fi, its DUNE ... its McQUEEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [wait did I mention those SHOES?] ahhh!!! I only own one McQueen in my collection [and I covet it] HA.. the rest is all McQueen PumaBlack Infusion items [that i love love love] and were a bit more in my price range! [HA!] anyway... you can see the MOVIE here {but I know there's been some trouble with it} so hopefully it will work!! So, yes, inspiration is in EVERYTHING, and McQueen [as always] is an inspiration to me, my life, and my work!! xo xo :el fano: