Thursday, October 29, 2009

Moved, lifted higher...Moved, my soul's on fire...Moved, by a higher love

So, it [twasmy bff[s] BIRTHDAY (almost a week ago) [god TIME FLYS] {man}... anyway.. last friday the FUNFUN began! [and didn't end till Sunday night]!! there was FOOD | FUN | {+} FANTASY! GOOD TIMES were had by all =) [ps: my new favourite after-school activity karaokie  well more so {expressive karaokie) HA [:el fano: style] lol! God, it was amazing! IT was amazing [2]b w/her for so many days [+] to take off work as well [WHAT A DELIGHT!], but I do LOVE  HER so very very very much!!!!!!!! =] she is beyond the {greatest} [and SO MUCH MORE]
love you JANE!! xo xo :el fano: - ps: image above was her mix/tape/CD/birthday JAM!  xo xo :el fano: 


j said...

Gorgeous mix from my gorgeous pallie!

:el fano: said...

YOU are my inspiration!!!!!!!!!!!!! =) ... i'm glad you enjoyed the mix! {cuz you KNOW I LOVE IT!} heee [ps: we sooooo need another karaokie session soon!] I HOPE YOU HAD AN AMAZING BIRTHDAY!! and that you have been sporting your new MJ bag everywhere! heeee!! <3 MUAH!!! lol xo xo :el fano:

Anonymous said...