Wednesday, October 07, 2009

{let-go} [my] Lego David Bowie!

Lego David Bowie Is Just As Androgynous As You’d Hope

A few weeks ago, we got our terrifying first look at Iggy Pop's frightening treatment — abs and all! — in the upcoming Lego: Rock Band video game. Today brings us our first Lego-ized glimpse of Iggy's old friend from the hazy and drugged-out mid-seventies Berlin scene, David Bowie. The attention to detail is quite stunning: Little kids all over the globe will likely be totally freaked out by his two different eye colors! And, if you ask us, Bowie's penchant for androgyny makes him a perfect candidate for being immortalized in Lego form. Be sure to stick around for a video of Lego Bowie performing his classic 1983 single "Let's Dance."

OMG!!!!! the bowie [2color/eye{s}] well its just brilliant!!!!! [first thing I noticed] LOL! oh man... I NEEEEED THIS IN MY LIFE! [lol] {omg!} I am sooooo greedy today! want want want want [want]! lol xo xo :el fano:

Thank you NYmag for the article/video/[+] image!