Saturday, September 19, 2009

coffeeee break!

ok.. it[s] coffeeeeee time. Now, you all know me as a D&D boy! [through {+} thru] [lol] ... however, ever since I was in Florida a few week ago [my mom] ... well, her new vice is STARBUCKS COFFEE! ... [+] so, i accompanied her [many a time] on her journey [+] quest for Starbucks! [when it wasn't in the home] out we go to get some.. so, I've been SLOWLY switching my routine [+] the basic VENTI ice-coffee is actually cheaper than the D&D! [?] I KNOW! [insanity!] plus the extra kick I'd get for 49 cents at D&D [well] the basic brew at Starbuck seems to be of that caliber! [lol] omg! this post is redic!!!!!!!! [lol] anyway, I've now become slightly obsessed myself with getting Starbuck[s] {not as much as my MOM} but it gets me through the work day [with a bit of a expresso style kick] LOL ... oh [+] yeah.. a much clear[er] shot of my RUGBY hoodie/zip-up/cashmere/sweater! soo love[ing] how compy/coze/zee it is! YAY! ok ok ... enough coffee/sweater talk.. NOW ITS back to wurk! xo xo :el fano: