Friday, September 25, 2009

Les herbes folles

“The ultimate Resnais film.”
–The Auteurs

Lifetime achievement award for his work and exceptional contribution to the history of cinema, Cannes 2009.


Wild Grass / Les herbes folles
Alain Resnais, 2009, France, 104m

As avant-garde as ever 50 years after making his debut with the landmark Hiroshima Mon Amour, director Alain Resnais delivers a career-crowning masterpiece with this delightful roundelay, based on Christian Gailly’s novel The Incident, about the fate-altering ripples triggered by a seemingly ordinary purse snatching. The purse belongs to Marguerite (Resnais regular Sabine Azéma), a dentist who moonlights as an aviatrix. Its contents are retrieved by Georges (André Dussollier), a married man who soon finds himself infatuated with the purse’s owner, even though he hasn’t actually met her yet. Add in a couple of keystone cops (hilariously played by Mathieu Amalric and Michel Vuillermoz), some dizzying aerial acrobatics, and the glorious widescreen camerawork of cinematographer Eric Gautier and you have the recipe for a uniquely playful meditation on coincidence and desire that suggests Resnais, at age 87, is truly in his prime. A Sony Pictures Classics release.

ahhhhh with less that [3] hours to go.. the NYFF opening night gala AWAITS ME!!!!! [+] BOY DO I NEED IT!!!!!!!! OM[f]G This week at work has kicked my a$$ [+] back again!! [oooof] But I come out VICTORIOUS!!!!!!!!! =] {like I always do} i honestly thought that this time I wasn't going to make it! [but with a little help from my friends] I PULLED THROUGH!! so I thank you from the bottom of my heart.. FOR MAKING ME SMILE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! when i didn't feel like smiling at all! [hopefully tonight will be a STAR STUDDED affair!] and I think tonight, some FRENCH CINEMA is just what the doctor ordered!! I CAN'T WAIT!! thank you again [everyone] for your love and support and well.. just thank you! =] GIANT HUGS and SO MUCH LOVE xo xo :el fano: