Thursday, September 17, 2009

Rodarte | SPRING 2010 RTW SHOWS

Rodarte | SPRING 2010 RTW SHOWS

Thank you NYmag for the entire slide-show presentation!

So.. ok.. the first thought.. OMG [trent] in the NIN video for HEAD LIKE A HOLE like 3 minutes in.. [IDK] i just had a reference in my mind while I was seeing the Rodarte collection! I know so many people think "the horror-show" girls.. but IDK its a [concept] that{s] for sure.. but one I was really very into! {A LOT were not, and didn't really enjoy/like/care for the collection. {IT SO BROUGHT the "industrial" SIDE OF :el fano: OUT!} HA!... i mean, how this is going to translate off the run-way is an ENTIRELY different story... [i mean, I can't really see any of this for their TARGET collection] RIGHT!? HA!.. I guess.. perhaps as TIM G would say "Its a bit costume[y]" {and then give that scowled look} lol .. but, it was a nice [different] point of view from the other collections, and well VERY VERY MULLEAVY SISTERS for sure! =) anyway a FUN TIME had [4-sure] {+} [4-serious] Ok.. gotta run to RALPH LAUREN!! [more later] PROMISE!! xo xo hugs and love xo xo :el fano:


matt-outstanding said...

your right i could never see anyone going into a store and simply take one of these pieces into the fitting room ;]

but my favorite is defo the middle one. and your welcome. for what you put earlier. it made me smile all giddy like. ;]

:el fano: said...

right!?! =] [HA!] I could just imaging the Target dressing room! [lol] it would be a nightmare of fabrics pieces EVERYWHERE! [ha!] ... my goodness.. I have more posts to do!!! [but I am all-consumed by work today] I will get to it soon![ish]! =}

And right back at you!! xo xo :el fano:

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