Thursday, September 03, 2009

"Women of Supreme" - V-magazine

a HUGE shout out to fabiowho for the [story] the [scoop] and the [images] THANK YOU so much FABIO!!! xo xo :el fano:

It’s a pagan festival at Supreme for September! V Magazine, photographer Paul Rowland took to the camera to shoot 19 incredible girls from the “Women of Supreme” for a special edition of V Magazine that will be sold with V61 later this month. The covers were shot the week of April 13th in New York at Pier 59 Studios and feature styling by Nicholas Grasa, makeup by Janeen Witherspoon, and hair by Rita Marmor, Leonardo Manetti for ION Studio, and Franco Gobbi for Bumble & Bumble. Featured on the covers are: Alana Zimmer, Alla Kostromicheva, Behati Prinsloo, Christina Kruse, Daiane Conterato, Darya Kurovska, Georgina Stojiljkovic, Hanne Gaby Odiele, Hannelore Knuts, Iris Strubegger, Isabeli Fontana, Meghan Collison, Mina Cvetkovic, Natasa Vojnovic, Ranya Mordanova, Rose Cordero, Suvi Koponen, Valentina Zelyaeva, and Yulia Kharlapanova.

V61 Special Edition Covers by Paul Rowland, backstage shot of Supreme/Women Girls from Supreme Management on Vimeo.

WOW!! i [4-seriously] LOVE LOVE LOVE all 19 of these covers! [i wonder why not 20?] I wonder if there is a significance to 19 in "pagan" times? [IDK] HA!!! [lol] but none-the-less.. [SIN]sational!!!!! xo xo :el fano: