Sunday, September 13, 2009


well Yoshi Yamamoto took over the ARMORY [the home of Marc Jacobs fashion show{s}] for his Y-3 show!! [the collaboration of ADDIDAS {+} Yamamoto - and what what WHAT a spectacle it was!
{can we say A SOCCER MATCH ensued between models and photographer?!?! YES!! even Yoshi kicked the ball} ahhhh

soooo [as usually] each year - i just fall more and more [+] more in love with Y-3!!!!!!!!!!! so I want like EVERY BAG!!! :] [SIN-sational] they were!! [as well as purses and clutches to boot!] ... there were amazing shorts [as always] [lol] - and some very Yamamoto inspired [shall we say tuxedo inspired] long-coats and outwear! Y-3 has gone [a bit] TOO sheer with the shirts.. but we know [from the last collection] that things were heading that way! :) [you know what was a little weird {no one stood for the national anthem} !?!? [strange right?] ... but mega applause! {lol} I think i also need all the shoes/kicks/boots [etc]. HA!!!!! loved loved loved them! =] so yes, all in all Y-3 has been something I've been waiting for all year, and it did not disappoint one bit!! xo xo :el fano:

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