Tuesday, September 15, 2009

madonna [+] gaga [+] jacobs "OH MY!!!!"

photo courtesy of "Robert Mitra" {thank you Robert!!!!}

*"Elizabethan meets Comme des Garcon at Marc Jacobs."miss slowey via her twitter
**"Fantastical Coppélia-meets-Pierrot-meets-G.I.Joe-meets-Geisha-meets-Americana-meets-Comme des Garçons kind of way" — WWD Fashion

I waited with baited-breath last night for my invite to arrive [am I going?... am i not going?....ack!!!!] I was a "fill in" for one of the 575 division heads [who happened to be sick, but was trying to pry herself to make it to the show] but alas, she just couldn't ... and the messenger met me on the street corner with just moments to spare! HA!!!!! [The MJ shows have been "on time" as of recent] {lol} but the Armory awaited... as did the WHO[s]WHO of fashionista[s] and editors, and sub-editors, and sub-sub-sub-editors! [lol] do I need to go on! .. and yes.. Madonna was there as the lady of the evening "Lady Gaga" [who{s} "V" party {i heard [via twitter]} was INSANE!! LaLohan, and Janet Jackson, with Bjork thrown in the mix [all dancing to the beats of DJ LADY BUNNY!!]

DJ LADY BUNNY photo courtesy of "Miss Slowey" vis her twitter from the "V/GAGA" party last night.

[*], [**] — These were [all] of the things that I was thinking last night [+] {at the show}...my mind did keep having "Comme des Garçons" on the brain! [lol] ... One editor said to another "Marc told me that he was going for a deconstructed ballerinas from Russia look with a tinge of Martha Graham" with all of the commentary floating around, and the "oooohs" and "ahhhhs" [and everything in-between] it made for an INSANE[ly] fun-fun experience!!!! To me.. the biggest stand out was the "asian" influence and the "Kabuki[esque]" makeup-look! {loved it!}. There were [very] trim military-style jackets [which we will SO BE SEEING {big time next spring}] There were massive "ruffle" everywhere [skirts long [+] short. The "LACE" almost open-lattice-patch-work-style {shall we say} coat was brilliant!! [see the Robert Milta[s] photo at the top] There were some [SIN]sational lamé dresses, there were sparkles [+] there were BAGS!!!!!!!!!! {OMG} the bags were quite breathtaking! [lol] There were big woven bags w/ long straps (even some INSANELY long "fringe" adorned many a bag) There were metallics [but of a deeper tone] ... but so many [large to small] bags to choose from, it will be a MJ bag frenzy come next spring! [lol] .. but all in all it was an amazing experience [+] one I shall not forget! YAY!! xo xo :el fano: