Thursday, September 03, 2009

Drowning by Numbers [assignment #1]

So... I figured that I would document my various "lessons" as the semester goes on for FALL 2009.

"The [ART] of the movie poster - as told through a series of fonts"

Peter Greenaway one of the most [in my opinion] prolific and controversial directors of our time graces the eyes [+] ears of the students with one of his master pieces "DROWNING BY NUMBERS" [originally it was to be "The Cook the Thief His Wife & Her Lover" [but I didn't want [2] much [2] soon!] ... so, I went with DROWNING BY NUMBERS [+] after seeing the "original" poster [not really hard to improve on] {lol} the FRENCH POSTER is beautiful, but is told with "visuals"... the assignment was as follows: "To [recreate] the "DROWNING BY NUMBERS" movie poster using ONLY typography."{{{ FONT[s] ONLY }}}!!! - and here is the other [restriction/snag] you can't use numbers! =] {i'm evil right?} [lol]. They can create numbers using letter forms. To create the "appearance" of numbers. { the design collective TOMATO is SOOO known for this [example] use of letter-forms to create [boy boy boy] visual beauty! } [anyway] after viewing the Greenaway classic, they must emulate the power and vision of the film to the poster, [without stills or photographic visuals] ONLY TYPE! =] ... so we will see. I am excited to see the prospects. I am thinking that I would [also] love to participate and do MY version[s] of my assignments .. [but time, is not on my side :[ .. work work work.. but that shouldn't be an excuse] {right?} anyway.. it was a joy and a delight [+] I am SO excited for what is to come!! xo xo :el fano: