Friday, September 18, 2009

I almost forgot ... the NYFF starts [NEXT WEEK] eeep!

OH MAN!! as fashion-week comes to a close, the New York Film Festival rears its [movie] head!! OH MAN! september and october is INSANITY!!! with fashion {+} my birthday [lol] {+} my bff[s] birthday[s] {+} movies [oh yeah, and some work thrown into the mix!] HA HA!.. but I am crazy excited for my MOVIE{a}THON to begin on September 25th [thru] the Oct. 11th! [the one I am crazy over going to see is "Antichrist" by Lars von Trier, [2009, Denmark, 109m] it was a {shocker} at CANNES so... [well] I'm on the fence with von Trier [i kinda love him, and i kinda hate him] HA! ... but this should be some good cinema insanity for sure! [anyway] OK OK .. back to work.. I am rambling now! giant hugs to everyone! xo xo :el fano:


FABIO who ? said...

I know, I wish it was FW all year. I wasn't able to be in NYC this fashion week but will try my very best to be there in Febuary and maybe even earlier in NYC, when I do maybe we can get a drink.

:el fano: said...

OMG!!! if it was FW all year [i'd NEVER get ANY work done!] {lol} ... I am soooo playing catch up today from the week! {but its all good.. most of my clients were very understanding [but now] they are like OK projects are due!!! [ooooooof] OMG! you should totally try to be in NYC for the february shows! [ the september shows are my jam ] usually I don't get as many invites/parties and what not in February.. but perhaps I will have to change that! [ha ha!] and yes.. we should totally champaign it up!! =] {lol} giant hugs! xo xo :el fano:

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