Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Timex 80

Electron Blue Digital Watch, Timex

Timex 80 Watches make the perfect gift. An iconic 80s design with all the classic digital functions including time, date, alarm, stopwatch and backlight. The watches come in a range of bright colours with rubber strap and silver metal buttons.

I am [insane] for WATCHES!!!! [4-serious] I AM I AM I AM!!! this TIMEX 80[s] series is AMAZING!!!!! the [magenta] {+} [blue] is just to cute.. but LOOK AT THE BOX/PACKAGE[ing!] AHHhhhHhhhhHHh NEON green BOX!!! [beautiful] !!! need it / want it / must have it! =] {lol} xo xo :el fano: