Thursday, September 10, 2009

it was a "SANDCASTLE DISCO" at the BCBG show

4-serious ... i don't even know if I am coming or going today! [HA!] .. I did have a sweet moment to say "hello" to Solange Knowles [with hair of course] rock[n] a non[crazy]style 4 her! [lol] ... { honestly Sandcastle disco NO JOKE was playing in my ipod before I went into the show!

so.. I am going to say that BCBG has a very "BODY-CONSCIOUS" VISION 4 spring 2010! There were many shades of purple [+] gray, [+] that acidic green, [and of course my fave "MAGENTA" ha [well] the fashion folks like to say "fuchsia" and of course some flesh-colored bits for all to enjoy! =] but fashion show aside... the "BUZZ" at BCBG was the moment that the show was over.. [like MINUTES] the clothes were going to be sold on-line [a limited amount, and a select few] but WOW! talk about from the run-way to your closet in a matter of moments! It seemed to be the TALK OF THE TENT![lol] :] {man, I have to figure out on my BLACK BERRY how to bold, and italic, and all that funstuff I love to do] HA!.. sooo ... As i tweeted between my meeting[s]... OMG THE SHOES!!!!!!!!

Really, the photo doesn't do it justice, but I was loving all the SPRING 2010 SHOES from BCBG! [no joke] and ladies seemed to be obsessing over a tiny metal [tasseled] clutch [that was show with almost every look]! lol .. anyway.. as always the first show at fashion week is always a fun one to attend, and I look forward to more more more more [+] more! xo xo :el fano: