Wednesday, September 02, 2009

S E X Y cougar [a-la] L-TRAIN style

There(s) nothing quite like the "roar" of the 7am L-train Cougar... [ready to pounce at ANY given moment]. [Just before your heading to class] [lol]
Her look was as follows: A simple pink spaghetti strap "T" with the words ["S E X Y"] em(((blaze)))[on]ed right below the bosom. Pink sunglasses, Pink plastic handbag, Pink cell phone, Pink belt [can't see in the pic -but it was quite sparkly] ... her choice of "jean[s]" was that of a "painted-on" so tight [NOTHING] was left to the imagination kinda jean. =} and then, there was her song. OM(f)G!!! THE SONG! [THIS MADE THE OUTFIT] {oh so CRAZY-COMPLETE} ... OH OH OH OH her song... [sung in the key of [Helen Reddy[s] "I AM WOMAN"] ... "I am COUGAR here me ROAR, there's just 2 many BOYS to EXPLORE... and I know to much cuz I ain't pretending...Cuse I've seen and heard and DONE it ALL before! Oh yes, I've been down there on the floor, and those boys..[ha ha ha] they gonna keep me going down for more" ... and this [ALL] with her "Father Figure" wig on [+] in her deep deep "deep" baritone
voice. [THIS ONE I WISH I HAD DONE A VIDEO ON] (lol) perhaps next time...she will be in the same car! xo xo :el fano: