Tuesday, September 01, 2009

it must be love...

thanks to butter for her [INSPIRATIONAL] image of her and Roger! [mine] of course is me and ANDY! [lol] HA! ...anyway... ENJOY!
this was my original email/txt/twitter that I sent out! [lol]

Andy [+] :el fano: [take lessing in singing from Aaron P.] to work on their new hit single "quest 4 balls" =] its very KMFDM structured w/ a bit of late 89' house "served" in the mix! =) loves it!! [ps: thank 2 butterMcFedderBabe + lady jane 4 their initial inspiration] xo xo :el fano:

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OH the MADNESS [+] LOVE of the subway poster! you just have to love it!!! [HA!] =]
xo xo :el fano: