Friday, September 18, 2009

i'm a dreamer

SO, fashion week has now come and gone! [what an INSANE WEEK!] its been fun [+] amazing [+] tricky trying to balance everything w/ work and what not [sorry the blog took last place here] :( {lol} and .. OK OK...{ok}.. so I know.. I have much more to post [+] I promise I will!!!!!!!! [more fashion week funfun updates!] but last night at the CALVIN party the DJ [DJ "snake"] he called himself.. was spinning some INSANE[ly] amazing FUNFUN tracks! {[+] of COURSE I thought of my BFF for like almost every record played} =} ... anyway.. I hadn't heard "AMBER" {i'm a dreamer} in like FOREVER!! [+] I kinda went INSANE!!!!! {you just makes you want to move your boot-tayyee} .. so.. with that being said... ENJOY!!

More fashion updates and review[s] later this evening [between work breaks] OK!?! [lol] I will try! giant hugs to all! xo xo :el fano: