Saturday, September 12, 2009

Siriano {dives} into the Mediterranean

[favourite "fan" quote overheard after the show] .. "relaxation, flow, and passion... he embodies it all, and makes me feel like even more of a woman. I need and I want NOW!" ;] lol.. {you just gotta love it!}

Ruffles [+] pleats [+] shirring...OH MY!!!
{its what [I] have {+} the public has come to expect, [right?] From Christian [fierce] Siriano! =] With [intense] inspirations from [Mediterranean]. The start of his collection had [hmmmm] {{{{ do i say this...}}}} [SEVERAL] "grand[e]ous" flop[tastixxx] hats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Perhaps for the sea-side relaxation girl with a wallet for high-class-Siriano! [HA!] lol There were lots of BLUE [and foam green] and bodysuit[s] {enough to please almost anyone with the desire for [his] look!} ... But my FAVE!! omg my FAVEEEEEEE are [the/his] gowns! [love{s}] {em} ... the FIRE[y] almost tye-dye-like effck [to showcase his "standard for massive VOLUME] {lol} HA.. well... [it was stunning] and well.. he made it "werk"!!!!!!! [+] I was love love love love love[ing] it! .. .Perhaps [the collection over-all] "was" a bit much at times, [+] perhaps a "touch" {or} bit to diverse? [hmmmmm] IDK.. it just might make ready-to-wear {slightly} difficult.. but none-the-less a {{{{{"fierce"}}}}} show Christian! kudos! xo xo :el fano:

ps: love the shoes! [i hope ALL of those are available at Payless for Spring!] xo xo

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